Sex and Sizzle

Sarina Wilde

Spare Dick


Chapter One

“Hey! Ramsey, you missed the turn, dude. What’s up with you today?”

Kevin swore and pulled their unmarked sedan into a bank parking lot in North Raleigh so he could turn around. “Sorry, man. I was thinking about something else.”

Like the fact his wife was busy trying to find them a stranger through some online swap site, a stranger for her to fuck while he watched. Kevin ground his teeth.

“Shit,” Adam Heller, better known as Hell, his partner, swore. “Park the car for a second. I’m in no rush to get back downtown, so you can either talk about what’s going on or clam up and let me drive.”

Kevin pulled into a shady spot beneath some towering pines. He rolled down the window, waited for Hell to do the same and switched off the ignition.

“So what’s up? You and Jill okay?”

Kevin glanced sideways at his partner’s concerned expression. They’d been paired for just a month, although they’d run into each other at the shooting range often over the past year, and spent some time afterward shooting the breeze instead of targets. As a result, Hell seemed to have developed a sixth sense where he was concerned.

“Yeah…” Kevin trailed off and sighed.

“That doesn’t sound too positive. You need to talk?”

Kevin snorted. As if he wanted to go all true confession. Sure, partners were close, but he’d never have admitted this to his old partner. Never in a million years. “This isn’t something…I mean…everything’s good.”

Hell waited. Kevin liked that he didn’t pressure him. He turned to tell him, saw the patient, intent expression in his partner’s eyes and realized he could talk about this. Hell wouldn’t judge, but he might have some advice.

“I’ve told you we’ve been together since high school. Except for the year I was in Iraq, Jill and I have rarely been apart since we were sixteen. I know everything about her, like she does me.”

Hell frowned. “You’re not thinking about fucking around on her, are you?”

Kevin jerked his head around. “No way. She’s…uh…you’ve seen her. She’s pretty hot and always ready to try anything when it comes to sex that I am.”

“Something’s off, and in my experience, if it’s causing this much distraction it generally involves sex.”

Kevin twisted in his seat and took a hard look at his partner. Adam had never been married and didn’t have a steady girlfriend, though he didn’t appear to lack women willing to volunteer, judging from the response he got when they worked out at the gym. The guy for sure had more experience than he did. Jill was the only woman Kevin had ever fucked.

“Shit. I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this, but I could really use some advice.”

“I’ll help if I can and tell you if I can’t. You’re my partner, dude. If something’s bothering you, then it’s bothering us.”

Kevin brushed his hand over his short hair. “Jill and I have always tried to keep our sex life fresh. To begin with, we did it in different places.” He paused and grinned. “Once, we did it on top of a patrol car in the hospital parking lot.”

“Shit. You could have gotten suspended.”

“The risk was part of the appeal, I guess. A couple years ago, we started using toys—nothing kinky. After I…uh…used a dildo at the same time we fucked, she joked that we needed another guy to join in.”

He stopped, waiting to see if he’d shocked him, but Hell just watched him with his keen, dark gaze. Kevin sighed. “It’s been kind of an ongoing joke, but the discussion got serious when she realized how turned-on I got imagining another guy fucking her while I watched.”

“Are you afraid she’s screwing around on you?”


“So what’s the problem?”

“We really are looking for someone to join in.” Kevin laughed shortly. “God, that sounds so perv.”

“If you believe it is, then maybe you shouldn’t do it.”

He shook his head. “No. I’m okay with it. It’s just not something you walk outside and tell the neighbor.”

“Yo, dude…not the neighbor.”

Kevin grinned. “Thank God. Here’s the problem. When we started hammering out the details, Jill flat-out resisted the idea of fucking anyone we knew. I think, given a choice, she’d find a professional and pay the guy. You know, no emotions or hurt feelings, a business deal pure and simple.”

“And you’d rather it be someone whose background you know.”

“Exactly. The cop in me recoils from hooking up with a stranger. We have so many more cases now with stalkers.”

“You could always do a background check.”

“By the time I have the info, it might be too late. What if the guy is some sort of real pervert who’s just never been caught? I mean, the best-case scenario would be to find someone I know but she doesn’t.”

“You think she’d be okay with that?”

“Well, yeah, I guess. More importantly, it would ease my mind. I want this to be a fantasy fulfilled, not something that turns into a nightmare.”

Hell frowned. “You know, I understand your concern, but, dude, don’t you think she would be mad as hell if she found out?”

“Maybe, but it’s a risk worth taking if I know she’ll be safe.” Kevin stared out at the emptying parking lot. By the time they got back downtown, their shift would about be over. Jill wasn’t expecting him until later anyway since this was gym night.

“What about me, then?” Hell’s voice was quiet.

Maybe there was someone at the—Kevin’s internal monologue screeched to a halt. “What? What did you say?”

Hell shifted sideways in the seat, loosening his tie. “I said, what about me? We haven’t been partners long enough for her to know me. Would she recognize the name?”

“Maybe. I always called you either Hell or my partner, but it’s possible when you first got promoted that I mentioned your full name. At the very least I probably said Officer Heller.” Kevin shook his head and smacked himself in the forehead. “What the fuck am I thinking? No, it won’t work.”

“Why not?”

“We made an agreement. She agreed to let me watch a guy fuck her if I would let the guy suck me off.”


Kevin’s mouth dropped open. As he stared at his partner he wasn’t quite sure what to say. Gathering his wits, he tried to clarify. “You’d be willing to suck my dick so you could fuck my wife?”

“Yep.” Picking up on Kevin’s growing panic, Hell continued. “Look, it’s a dick. I’ve done some other threesomes and once everybody gets naked, it doesn’t really matter who’s doing what to whom. And who should know better how to suck a dick than someone who’s got one.”

“So you’ve sucked somebody’s dick before?” Kevin couldn’t quite believe he was even having this conversation. Even more, he couldn’t believe he’d started to swell inside his slacks.

“Sucked, been sucked. Best blowjob I ever had was from a former pro-football player. Hell, Kevin, you must know there are private clubs around North Carolina where you can do it all. You could go to one out of town. It would take off the pressure…”

“No. We talked about that. We’re not interested in swapping or anything and we’re not interested in having another woman in with us.”

Hell raised his brows. “Come on.”

Kevin shook his head. “No, seriously. I want her. I want to see other men wanting her too.”

“Then let me say it again. What about me?”

Kevin didn’t respond. He couldn’t. He desperately needed to process this conversation. Leaning forward, he switched the ignition on. “We should get back.”

“So that’s a no?” Hell pinned him with his laser-like stare.

Kevin shifted, conscious of the tightening in his nuts. “It’s an I don’t know. I need to think.”

Hell stared at him a moment longer then nodded and turned to look out the passenger window. Once they got back to their desks, Kevin didn’t dare glance at his partner, partly because he now envisioned Hell sucking his cock, and it scared the shit out of him. When a drawer slammed at his partner’s desk, Kevin looked up. Adam’s expression was a mask of control.

“Forget it, Kevin. Okay? I withdraw the offer if it’s going to get between us and cause problems.” Hell grabbed his gym bag from underneath his desk. “We still good to go work out?”

He said it as though it were a challenge, as if Kevin would suddenly dump everything they’d done together since becoming partners. Kevin had gone the extra mile to cement this new working relationship, he sure as shit didn’t want to ruin it. With a frustrated sigh, Kevin shut down his computer and grabbed his duffel bag. “Yeah. I’m sorry, man.”

“Forget it. It’s over with.” Hell could say the words, but Kevin sure didn’t feel as if anything were over. And right now, with the Addy Brown case, a missing teenager neither he nor Hell believed was a runaway, hanging over them, the last thing he needed was to fall out with his partner.

* * * * *

Adam pounded the treadmill as though he wanted to personally punish it. He wished like hell he had never opened his mouth and said anything. His partner had barely spoken a word to him since then. Adam wondered if Kevin was pissed Adam had noticed his wife enough to want to fuck her or freaked because he had said he would suck Kevin’s dick so he could.

He scowled, watching Kevin working with a trainer across the room. He was on his back on the bench press, a leg on either side. From this angle, Adam could see straight up Kevin’s shorts. His cock twitched. Adam hadn’t lied about giving Kevin a blowjob. Adam had given and gotten a few. He’d also fucked a few guys at a party because, as he’d told Kevin, once everyone got naked, it didn’t matter if the ass he drilled had a pussy or a cock and balls attached to it.

Apparently it mattered to Kevin.

Screw it. Adam turned off the treadmill and grabbed his towel. He headed to the shower. From there he’d go home. He’d taken a chance putting himself out there and gotten slapped down. Certainly not the first time, but it would be the last time he took a risk with anyone with whom he worked. He couldn’t afford to screw up a shot as a detective on a large police force.

After stripping, he hung his towel inside the communal shower room and turned the water on as hot as he could stand it at one of the center showerheads. He lathered with his shower gel then turned and stuck his head under the spray, letting it sluice over him while he closed his eyes and tried to relax.

He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to Kevin, and Adam tried not to deceive himself about anything. He’d been honest enough to have sex with men and women. Some people might call him gay—at best bi—but the truth was Adam liked sex and he liked people. He liked Kevin, but it seemed he’d made a mistake.

He heard the shower next to him come on and knew without opening his eyes that Kevin had joined him. Of course, telling the guy he recognized his scent would freak him out even more. With a sigh, Adam turned, opened his eyes and found his partner staring at him. There was something in Kevin’s blue eyes he hadn’t seen before, as if he’d been thinking and come to some decision.

​ “You freaked me out earlier, Adam,” he murmured, his gaze sliding away while he grabbed his own shower gel. “I’m sorry I acted like such an ass.”

The fact Kevin had called him anything other than Hell was a change. It made him wonder what other changes might be heading his way. Hoping to forestall any more awkward apologies, he decided to speak. “It’s all right, Kevin. I get it.”

Kevin cleared his throat, scrubbed the lather off his head and shoulders and squared up to him. “No, I don’t think you do. See, I want to say yes.”